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Ila Bridal is an off-the-rack bridal shop where you may walk in as a stranger but will most definitely leave as a friend, or what we like to call an “Ila Babe!!”

Our style caters to the woman looking for a fresh take on bridal. We intentionally select emerging, independent designers that create non-traditional, fashion-forward gowns that are ethically made. Our mission is to delight you with a special yet simple approach to finding your dream dress, without sacrificing style or quality.    

So what exactly does “off-the-rack” mean? It’s as simple as it sounds, love.

At Ila Bridal, we do not place orders for custom designed gowns. Instead, we offer showroom floor samples, runway samples and overstocked gowns from some of the most sought after designers in the industry (aka really cool women designing for equally super rad women).

Our gowns are available for purchase right off the rack with styles marked down as much as 75%!! Sample sizes typically range from a bridal size 2 up to a bridal size 12. If you’re wondering about prices, our dresses start at around $900 and can go up towards $4,000. Inventory changes frequently - so if you are looking for a particular size or price range, please contact us to inquire.

At Ila, we believe that it’s important to be conscious in the way we consume. This is why we always strive to be socially responsible and eco-friendly. Therefore, by selling off the rack we help eliminate wedding waste in the industry.

Ila Bridal Nashville
Ila Bridal Nashville - Wedding Dresses

Come Shop With Us

Whether your wedding is two years or two weeks away, Ila Bridal is here to help you find the wedding dress that makes you feel like your most magnificent self.

And just imagine - you get to take your gown home with you the same day. Yes, that’s right ladies. Same day!! Because, it really can be that easy (and affordable). Whether you’re on a tight time line or prefer to spend you’re money consciously, the perfect match exists here!

Our intimate showroom is located inside the Historic Houston Station building, on the second floor. Ila Bridal is open by appointment only so that brides have our undivided attention and complete privacy. We are looking forward to meeting our next Ila Babe soon... (that’s you)!!



Meet Ila

Maybe it's because I was born on Valentine's Day that I truly do love, love.

Femininity, romance and beauty have always held a special place in my heart.  Growing up with an older sister and a twin sister, it's safe to say that I am a girl's girl!

After obtaining a marketing degree with a minor in fashion, I developed a deep appreciation for luxurious fabrics, intricate designs and unbeatable craftsmanship.  Shortly after college, I worked for a fourth generation jeweler creating engagement rings and wedding bands - this was my first introduction into the bridal industry.  Although I had always imagined owning my own woman’s boutique, it wasn't until 2015 that I discovered a true love of bridal. So to marry together my fashion background and boss babe dreams, it only made sense for me to take that leap of faith into ownership.

It is with a dedicated heart that I look forward to helping women feel their most exquisite self by selecting the dreamiest, coolest wedding gown for their special day.  I believe in celebrating each and every woman and her individual, authentic self.  A wedding gown should reflect the woman in it - her personality, her style, uniquely her! 

I will encourage you to be you, completely you, because that IS enough, and that is exactly what your significant other wants to see when you walk down that aisle and into your future together.

Ila Bridal Nashville